Hello Beautiful,


We are very happy you decided to join this mindful community. RB ORGANICS is all about sustainable living, real beauty, wellness and health. We want to help beautiful souls like you live an inspired and intentional life. We care deeply about our community’s wellbeing.

Our eco-luxurious products feature pure organic ingredients produced with love for the planet and the people.

We do not compromise on protecting our relationships, communities, or quality! Sustainability is the foundation of all our thoughts and actions. We strongly believe it is our duty to meet our needs without compromising those of future generations.



Our products are designed in Switzerland and made in Morocco. We bridge two worlds to give you the best of both. We are inspired by MOROCCO, the land of colors and flavours and SWITZERLAND the land of quality and beauty.

As woman-founded company, we are fully committed to the principles of a more inclusive economy and more conscious consumerism, which is why it is extremely important for us to minimize our ecological footprint and actively contribute in the empowerment of the communities involved in our manufacturing process.

As for our why – it is our strong belief that each one of us can make a significant positive social and environmental impact through our lifestyle choices, everyday purchases and preferences. Our formula for conscious living is simple: REAL BALANCE through the RIGHT BEHAVIOR. We are talking beauty, health, food and love – a whole lot of it!

Let us unite to ultimately preserve our Mother Nature and our beautiful souls!

Our story

It all began with this simple idea and value: “Achieving Real Balance through the Right Behavior.” I believe that both inner and outer beauty is about finding Real balance through caring for your body and mind while consuming responsibly. No jeopardizing Mother Nature. No taking advantage of communities that contribute to the manufacturing process. No disregarding the next generation’s ability to achieve their own balance.

Fusing my Moroccan heritage and Swiss education, I founded RB ORGANICS with the strong belief that it is through small, behavioral changes that we can positively impact our world and the one we are leaving to the next generations. I believe both our goods and the people who use them will change the world one step at a time.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful a lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” Dr Seuss - The Lorax

When it comes to beauty and diet, much can be learned from the Moroccan terroir. Centuries before it was trendy, Moroccan women embraced the simple and non-transformed ingredients provided by Mother Nature to create beauty and health routines. They believed that glowing skin and a healthy body and mind come from within and through a deep connection to Mother Nature. It is this spirit that drives everything we do.


Our promise

We will always provide you with the healthiest and highest quality products while protecting the future of our planet and helping rural, North African communities grow.


Our values

• Outstanding quality: we do not compromise because you deserve the best!
• Honesty and trust : we value transparency!
• Social responsibility :  it is our duty to ensure fair trade and sustainable business practices.

Thank you for your support. 

Raja Benzaitar,

Founder of RB ORGANICS

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