You may benefit from replacing your everyday cup of coffee with this delicious hot beverage, and you might get addicted as well!

In addition to being rich in flavours, mint is a high source of nutrients and a potent source of antioxidants. Many studies have shown that it could improve your brain function and regulate your digestive tract.  As to green tea, it does wonders for your health and immunity. So you can drink Moroccan mint TEA without moderation!

For this recipe, you will need a kettle you can safely place on your stovetop a Moroccan teapot.

First, pour the gunpowder tea on the pot and add half a cup of boiled water. Let the tea simmer for a minute and pour out the water in a separate cup leaving the tea leaves inside the pot. Don’t discard the cup of water as it contains the essence of the green tea.  

Repeat the same process, pour half a cup of the boiled water in the same teapot but this time, swirl the teapot a couple of times to rinse to the tea leaves. If using a stovetop kettle, strain the water to keep the tea leaves inside the pot. Pour out the water and discard it.

Now, insert the fresh mint, sugar and first cup of water you set aside earlier. Fill the teapot with the remaining boiled water and let gently simmer over medium-low heat until it comes to a boil. It’s important to let the tea slowly come to a boil to enable the gunpowder tea and fresh mint to steep properly. If you use a Moroccan teapot, you will see steam coming from the teapot when it’s boiling.

When it comes to a boil, carefully open the teapot and with a large spoon, stir the tea to make sure that the sugar is well dissolved. Serve hot. if using a stovetop kettle, strain the tea to keep the tea leaves inside the pot when pouring into each glass.

Place some fresh mint in each teacup or glass to obtain a stronger fresh mint aroma. Enjoy!

Recipe by My Moroccan Food