Argan oil is the kind of magic that happens when Mother Nature blesses us with her most powerful ingredients. Anti-oxidants, vitamin E, Linoleic and Oleic acid all combined for your health benefits. There is so much to love about 100% pure culinary Argan oil.

Organic Argan oil is well-known for being a functional food. Meaning, the more you include it in your diet the healthier you will be. Pure Argan oil may help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, as well as help with treating chronic diseases such as diabetes. After a few months of regular use, you will notice a boost in your body and mind.

It takes 30 minutes to roast 25 to 30 kilograms of Argan kernels to make just one litre of culinary Argan oil. The taste is therefore exquisitely nutty with an unforgettable roasted flavour. Aside from the roasted and nutty taste, culinary Argan oil can add more layers and richness to your recipes, especially in salads, sweets and savoury dishes.