Mornings and waking up don't have to be much of the struggle it may now seem. Creating a healthy morning routine makes your life simpler and more productive as it can provide a stimulus for hours ahead and ensure a more refreshed start to your day. Own your mornings, and you will own your life! 

Here are five tips to boost your morning and enjoy the rest of your day:⁠

1) Hydration - Once you wake up, drink a large glass of water to replenish your body, which has just gone 8 hours on a fast. If you can, add a squeezed lemon to your glass of water to help your liver flush out toxins and to get an good amount of the recommended vitamin C intake. Not to mention the benefits of water and lemon on your skin!

 2) Get your body moving. Whether it is by slightly stretching, going out for a run, or a quick yoga session, make your body move. ⁠A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

 3) Get to a happy state and start your day with gratitude. I can't stress enough how gratitude can change your life! One way to be mindful of the happy and positive things in your life is to journal daily. Take a moment and think about all the things that you are thankful for. This simple process will brighten your day and give you a positive perspective of your life. You can also take advantage of this « me time » to set your goals and intentions for the day. A day well organised is a day well lived.

 4) If you are not intermittent-fasting, don't skip breakfast! As a the first meal of the day, breakfast restores your glucose levels, which are vital for optimum brain function.⁠ Therefore, make sure to eat in the mornings to bring your energy level up for the day. ⁠

5) Try getting up early, even if it is 15 minutes to start with. You will be positively surprised how much extra time in the day you wil have for yourself.⁠

The morning hours provide a fantastic opportunity to practice self-care, to start your day grounded and refreshed.⁠  Don't wake up by checking on your notifications and emails. Enjoy the start of your day slowly with yourself and what you enjoy. If you have extra time, read a book, spend the morning with your family, and do something to feed your soul.⁠

Now you know what to do tomorrow morning!

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