Are you a pomegranate lover? If so, we have great news for you!

Not only is pomegranate tasty and amazingly refreshing, but it can also do wonders to your skin. First, pomegranate is very rich in antioxidants, it has three times more polyphenols than red wine and green tea and these powerful chemicals do wonders to the skin. Eating or applying this awesome fruit on your skin will protect it from cell damage and free radicals and will boost its collagen production.

Aside from this, pomegranate is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that are important to your skin and body health. So even if you hate pomegranate, the good news still applies to you since you don’t have to eat it to get all its benefits, you can just give your skin a little juicy bite! 

There are many masks you can make with pomegranate. The easiest one we are about to share with you will leave your skin purified, fresh and revived. 

So put on something comfy and let’s make your skin glow with this wonderful pomegranate and egg white purifying mask.

What you need 

The amazing thing about natural home-made Face and Body masks is that they are usually more effective than the chemical ones you grab at your favorite beauty or skincare store while also being more affordable and super easy to make.

Take this one, for instance, all you need is one egg-white and a pomegranate. 

While egg whites are very effective for purifying the skin and for pore-tightening, pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that boost the skin collagen production. Mixing both ingredients will make your skin tighter and more radiant.

How to use 

Take one egg white and add a tablespoon of pomegranate juice. Whip the mixture well to create a foam. Massage the face mask over your cleansed skin for a few minutes and then let it dry. Later wash it off with lukewarm water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

And voilà! Your skin will thank you for it.

We’d love to hear how it went in the comments section below ;) 


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