Do you struggle with your body image?

It can be challenging to accept the way we look when we are constantly presented with images on TV, social media and magazines that depict seemingly flawless – yet perfectly airbrushed – people. How we feel about our body affects our confidence, our overall self-acceptance, and our personal value.

It is important to love yourself for who you are. Everyone is made differently, but beautifully, in their own way. Your beauty may be different than that of a fashion model, but you're still beautiful!

Once you accept yourself for the unique version of BEAUTIFUL that you are, you'll be a happier person.

1. Focus On Yourself First

Loving yourself for who you are is a quest that begins on the inside. This simply means that you need to work on changing the way you think about beauty.

No one is absolutely perfect. There will always be something that you do not particularly like about yourself, but that doesn't negate your beauty. Shift your focus onto the things that you do like about yourself. Talk to yourself in a positive way.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and have a little faith in humanity. Think of it this way: when you are out in public, are you constantly pointing out everyone's flaws? Presumably, you are not. You probably don't judge your friends based on their looks, or their imperfections, so why should you be that hard on yourself? Be your own best friend and recognize you are beautiful in your own way.

You're uniquely you. Unfortunately, in today's society, we tend to compare ourselves with unreasonable beauty standards and forget that beauty is not absolute. It’s quite the opposite. The best thing you can do is embrace yourself for the unique individual that you are. After all, there is no one on this planet exactly like you and that is your superpower.

2. Make Changes in a Healthy Way

If you wish to make changes to your appearance, you can certainly do so. You just need to do so for the right reasons and in a healthy way. Variety is the spice of life! So, go for that new haircut, change those brows, try new fashion styles. Test and learn to discover what suits you best.

If you still struggle with your body image, you need to explore why you feel that way about yourself. You might need inner healing, so consider discussing your concerns with a professional.

3. Pass On a Healthy Body Image

One thing you can do for the world is pass on a healthy body image to those around you. The way the media portrays beauty is discreditable, and everyone should be doing their part to promote health and beauty in an undistorted form.

If you have children, teach them that they're beautiful just the way they are. Since children learn by example, ensure that you never put yourself down in front of them. Avoid complaining about your own body because you might inadvertently teach them to do the same.

Remember, everyone likes to get a compliment every now and then. Make it a habit to compliment your friends and family. Help people around you feel better about themselves.

A healthy body image is something we can all strive toward!

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